Ongoing Projects

고효율 전기자동차 구동계/구동원 핵심부품 혁신랩

Innovative lab of core components of e-powertrain and e-powersource for high performance electric vehicle

(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2020. 6. 1. ~ 2022.12.31.)

  • Integrated e-powertrain module

  • Motor thermal management system by cooling oil impingement

  • Big data-based battery management system


납-비스무트 초소형 원자로 열교환기의 MHD/EHD 성능 증대 연구

Thermal performance enhancement of heat exchanger using MHD/EHD in lead-bismuth eutectic micro reactor

(Ministry of Education, 2020. 6. 1. ~ 2025. 5.31.)

  • Flow and heat transfer of electrically conducting fluid under the magnetic field

  • Flow and heat transfer of dielectric fluid under the electric field

  • Thermal performance enhancement of heat exchanger using MHD/EHD

3D 프린팅 특화 설계 기반 반도체 장비용 고성능 열교환기 적층 제조기술 개발

Development of additive-manufacturing technology ​satisfying high performance heat exchanger for semiconductor wafer chuck based on DfAM

(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2020. 7. 1. ~ 2022.12.31.)

  • Manufacture for semiconductor wafer chuck implementing uniformity of surface temperature within ±0.5℃/heat capacity 2kW.

  • Detailed engineering design for effective cooling of the chuck based on coupling ETFC and CFD technologies.

  • Parametric optimization for the chuck cooling such as distance, diameter, and surface roughness of flow pathline.

중수로 사용후연료저장조 분석 및 관리 기술 개발

Development of analysis and management model for spent fuel pool in heavy water reactor

(Ministry of Science and ICT, 2022. 6. 1. ~ 2026.12.31.)

  • Development of methodology for thermal-hydraulic analysis for SFP

  • Thermal-hydraulic analysis for normal, transient and severe accident

  • Coupling between thermal-hydraulic and fuel bundle analysis code


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